I'm Rebecca Jackson, a high flying corporate turned business coach, network marketing mentor and mindset maven!

I know what it's like to have multiple passions, with soooo many great ideas and not get any of them done because I got caught up in the fear that i'm not good enough.

Once I shifted my mindset, took back control and focused on building my personal brand and creating digital products based on my strengths, passions and experience, I felt inspired, fulfilled and made a ton more money. 

I'm so glad you found me here and I can't wait to help you to amplify your business and get paid what you're worth! 

Are you ready to play bigger, make a positive impact, stop doubting yourself, and truly LOVE your life? 

I was too...

That's right lovely, YOU are a wildly talented woman who has soooo much value to offer. Now is your time to package up your brillance so you FINALLY have the bank account balance you deserve and the freedom that comes with that.

I know this because you are here! Exactly where you are meant to be.

Following my Made for More framework you will:

It's time to own your power, presence
and just how f**king brilliant you are!

Get crystal clear on your profitable niche
... I promise you we will be so happy that you finally focus in on your ONE thing.

Hand pick the people who you really want to work with
.. you know the ones you have fun with vs the nasties that leave you feeling totally wiped out!

Multiple your income streams 
... that means you can rely on getting paid the same or more money every month

Create a profitable business that you are proud to talk about with your friends and family
... Ahh yes the proof is in the money left over after those FB ads

Build your authority through your personal brand giving you multiple income streams! 
... this means you can stop saying things on social media you wouldn't say in real life!

I was excited, terrified, overwhelmed, and really, really, REALLY nauseous. Like, get me off this plane that coffee is beyond making me want to spew, nauseous. I am fiercely independent and proud, my family would say annoyingly stubborn ... and I was back at work just weeks after delivering a healthy baby boy.

I believe that where there's a strong will, there is always always a way. I tried really hard to keep up the pace of what I was doing before becoming a mum, the international travel, the long hours all of the things.

I was determined that I could do it all. I could be the high flying corporate and the mother I really wanted to be. Ahh not so much! I was dreaming. 

one day I got a bonus i was not expecting ...

After 4 years at University with a double major and a post grad Honours, I joined my father in his medical business. Looking back it's a bit cringe as my son would say!. I had no real marketing experience but a heap of theory and a big vision the size of the empire state building.

The most marketing that was done before I arrived was getting business cards printed so I had my work cut out for me - which i loved!!!.

I was so lucky to be able to create a brand with all the bells and whistles from scratch.

Within 18 months of joining the company an opportunity presented to market a cutting edge sports technology and my father, a good family friend and I jumped on it.

I moved to Australia (from New Zealand) to set up base while Dad sold his business.

We hit gold - literally. Within the first year in business we were profitable working with gold medal olympic and professional sporting teams from all around the globe.

In a just a couple of years we had 25 countries distributing our products and offices in the USA, Australia and Europe. I was living the dream travelling the world, doing what I loved and getting paid for it.

time to get serious...

My two big passions are #1 Building Businesses #2 Personal Development. I also have a Carrie sized addiction to shoes. When I was 11 years old I was totally obsessed with the Babysitters Club books that I started up my very own version in my local neighbourhood. I even hand made my own puzzles and games to woo the kids into loving me and getting their parents to invite me back. They were terrible but I thought I was a genius. This was just the start.

For the next 10 years I studied hard, while always working extra on the side. I always had so many ideas and a desire for more pretty shoes. So I hustled. I honestly thought that was normal. My dad was an entrepreneur and I always thought if you needed to make some extra money you just go make it happen.

... this is long ... but it's a taste of the real me .. chatty lol

My story

I am a simple girl. I value family, the freedom to live my life on my terms and enjoy the fruits of my hard work. I am not perfect. I have made a HUGE pile of stinking mistakes. At times, my entrepreneurial journey has felt like I was on a horrific ride at Magic Mountain.
The truth is having multiple passions, broad experience and skills makes it tricky. It's hard to stay committed to one thing when you constantly get business opportunities presented like a sticky date pudding with delicious caramel sauce. Yummo, I can taste them now!

Over the years I have got distracted. I have run off into the business wilderness, but I always find my way home to helping people to build profitable and scaleable businesses shining their unique light. 

So I know this is a lot, but I hate it when I go to someone's about page and it's all fluff and it really doesn't give me anything. If you are right down here I feel like we need to chat, you now know a little about my story and it's only fear that I hear yours!

If you're keen to share,
 pop into my DM's on Instagram or Facebook, send me an email whatever works for you. I answer my own emails so I promise I will reply. I hope to hear from you soon. xo 


It took a gold old dose of post natal depression to force me to take a good, hard look at my life and make some monster truck size adjustments. I quit the business I had worked so hard to build. I said goodbye to the relationship that was only meant to be a little fun but had turned me into a massive b*tch. I quit doing everything that did not serve my soul!

I needed to eat and keep myself and my little man in fancy shoes, so I set up a little marketing agency that I ran from home and away I went. Here's the part where some people will say they "manifested success" for themselves, or something like that. Well, I didn't do any of that.

I developed a strategic plan to hit my income goals, and then I worked my ass off to make it happen. And you know what? It did, and then some. 


I've been an entrepreneur and a single parent for what feels like forever. My son is now 17 (geez i feel old) and of course he thinks that anyone with half a brain (his words not mine) runs their own business.

On the 27th July 2003 I got the best why for creating a business that worked for me not the other way around.

He doesn't know it yet, but one day he will realise what it meant that I could be home every morning for a home-cooked breakfast and every day for school pickup. For after school training, sports games, sick days and whatever else comes up.

Being a mother has given me the strength to be relentless in creating a life that makes me money and makes me happy. 


The stunning quiet outer islands of Fiji with no internet but all the luxury. Ahh ... bliss.

5. To Visit:

My son! He's a wildly talented track & field athlete & I can not wait to see him compete one day in the Olympics.

4. To Cheer For:

Champagne & pinot noir. With absolutely anything ...

3. To Drink:

I'm a Personal development & cookbook junkie! I'm in need of a new bookshelf right now - that will make it #10.

2. To Read:

Chilling out with a mindless rom com is my guilty pleasure. How good was Emily Love's Paris!!!.

1. To Watch: 

My  Favourite Things

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10. Podcast

Jungle bells, jingle bells rock!! Christmas baby!

9. Holiday:

My Cancerian heart craves the creature comforts of home.

8. Place to Be:

I'm a product of 00's and underground house music, so turn up the festival music and i'm a happy girl.

7. To Listen to:

Anything full of fresh herbs with a good dash of chilli. Vietnamese & Mexican top the fave's list.

6. To Eat:

Did someone say more favourites!?


I get to coach ambitious women all over the world and teach them how to step into THEIR CALLING while making more money and a greater impact !!!. 


Published my first book which led to the strategic integration of doTERRA into my business income streams.


Spent 12 months to qualify as an Integrative Life Coach niched on removing shadow beliefs.


My driver for creating a business on my terms was born.


Moved to Australia to set up what become the world's #1 digital sports analysis business. 


Graduated with a commerce degree with a double major in Marketing & Management (Hons).


Cooking muffins and selling them to local businesses around my high school became my new thing.


Started my first business at age 11 selling babysitting services!

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