I’m your typical girl next door, with an insatiable desire to help you connect to your true self and live an extraordinary life.

I’m an entrepreneur, writer, inspirational speaker, grounded spiritual mentor, and soul coach.  But my greatest work is being mother to my son Felix.  We are a great team and he always ensures that my ego is in check and that I am very much grounded here on planet Earth.  On a regular basis he jokes around asking me to not turn things into a spiritual moment. “No mum, no more hippie stuff, okay?”


Through my work as a mentor, coach, consultant, and founder of Higher Love Today, I have guided thousands of people to connect to their inner knowing, their spiritual allies, and take action to live a life of purpose, passion, and prosperity.  An inspired life that is in alignment with their soul.  This is my soul’s work.

I love helping conscious leaders to access their inner wisdom and realise their highest creative potential.  It takes faith, courage, and bucket loads of soulful surrender to live in alignment with your values and vision and it is my honour to support the brave hearts who make this commitment to themselves.

I promise that I will always show up as my authentic self.

I have always had a passion for business and have been an entrepreneur for more than 25 years.  During this time, I was blessed to gain experience working in and with companies of all different shapes and sizes, including household names like IBM, Acxiom, and Apple.  

The depth and breadth of the work I have done enables me to digest, sometimes very complex, business and marketing information and boil it down to the essentials.  The magic then comes in the way that I share the insights and opportunities in a way that is motivating and actionable.

I am fortunate that I get to bring together two of my favourite things: spirituality and business.  I am passionate about bridging the  business and spiritual worlds.  It is an exciting time where we are all being asked to think and act in bigger and bolder ways and stretch our vision beyond borders and across generations.  I am fortunate to bring together all my tools to support conscious businesses, to create a positive impact in the world.

The truth is, it’s not really that complex! There is no secret sauce! It’s the inner work that makes conscious businesses hugely successful.

I’m no guru and I definitely don’t have all the answers.  I have made lots of mistakes in the past and have not yet mastered getting everything right.  I still have days where I am challenged with self-doubt and fear, but these moments no longer define me or my life.

I am totally committed to sharing with you all of my spiritual and business learnings, wisdom, and high vibrational support.  I promise that I will always show up as my authentic self, even though being vulnerable is the things that freaks me out the most in life.  

If you’re looking for someone who has a purely intellectual approach, I’m not the girl for you.  But if you are after thought-provoking ideas, grounded wisdom, multidimensional insights, delivered with an open heart and mind to help you have an extraordinary life and business, we should talk.  If this sounds like you, I would love to connect and learn more about you.  The best way to do that is to send me an email.

Welcome to My World