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I help network marketing professionals like you grow their personal brand, attract consistent sales for their network marketing businesses, and blow up their bank accounts with signature products their audience love!.

Amplify is for network marketing professionals who are ready to build a money making personal brand & signature product. 

Launch your signature brand & product in 90 days flat!

99% of network marketers FAIL to make a real income. It's not that they are not smart, or they didn't work their butts off. Most of the time it's because they don't have the skills or the knowledge to clearly set themselves apart from the competition and tackle limiting belief after limiting belief.

And guess what .... Another company event, team call or chatting with a cross-line leader is NOT the solution! And it most DEFINITELY isn't spamming your social media feed with your product or the same copying and pasting a script that your leader said to use. 

If you want to TRULY get unstuck in your business, begin to attract new leads, grow in your leadership, hit that next big rank and do it all in way that feels AUTHENTIC for you, YOU have to do it differently. 


How much longer are you going keep trying the same system over and over again hoping for a different result?

The good new is, there is another way! 

Having a plan you can follow is priceless.

But when that plan turns you into a copycat distributor, you’ll feel like a huge fraudster, never feel truly aligned with your business, make any decent consistent money or have any fun.

Do you ever feel like, considering you work your butt off, say yes to learning ALL the things, that you should be further along in your business by now?

And you just can’t seem to figure out HOW to get to that next level?

Well trust me, you’re not alone! I used to feel that same exact way when I was growing my network marketing business. 

I grew to the top rank in my network marketing business pretty quick. I did it all online using the skills and expertise I had collated in corporate jobs and running previous businesses. I wasn't tapped into an upline or a duplication system I was doing it all my own way.  

Once I hit the coveted Diamond rank something weird happened. I started to go to corporate events and hanging out with awesome leaders in the company and slowly but surely I started to doubt the way I had built my business. I kept hearing "keep it duplicatable" and just "follow the system" that it wasn't long before I got sidetracked by trying to "fit in" and build according to the much talked about "company culture". 

I became so convinced that my next big rank advancement was going to be found in the company's latest business building training strategy or working with head office to deliver corporate trainings.

I put so much value in what the company was promoting and what the other leaders were saying and doing that I completely lost sight of my own zone of genius and authority. 

I wanted SO BADLY to stand out as a leader. But more than anything I just wanted my business and income to be more reliable and consistent every single month!

You just need to unlock your brillIance, & create a business process that works for you.

What if I said you already have everything you need to grow your business to 6 figure months? 

Strategic work days

happy dancing opening your banking app

confident in your next move

Overworked & hustling 

not earning at your potential

overwhelmed, stuck & unmotivated


Go from

feeling like a fraud 

creating magnetic content & products

I combined my 25 years of business expertise with my network marketing experience into an easy-to-follow program so that you can FINALLY create the business that you crave and the lifestyle that you deserve. 

CREATE A PROFITABLE & SCALEABLE BUSINESS that pays you for being you. 

you know the ones you actually love working with and can afford to pay you.

CONFIDENTLY SHARE YOUR MESSAGE and effortlessly step into your next level of leadership 

GET THE CONFIDENCE & KNOW-HOW ... to focus on the things that actually matter

Learn how to unlock your unique brilliance so you can monetise your own personal brand with magnetic content and a business process that feels unbelievable good and matches your vision for your life.

There's now a solution:
Amplify business Academy 

— Lauren P.

"Working with RebEcca was not only business-changing, but LIFE changing!"

•Weekly feedback sessions
Never get stuck again or go down the wrong path and waste your precious time and money. Get feedback every single week in our getting it done tutorial. 

• Round-the-clock access to your peers via What's App. You will never feel like you are doing this on your own.

• You will have the option to buddy up with an accountability partner for the entire 12 weeks - because we know its always more fun in pairs.

The Mother Load of Support:

• Live weekly Q&A sessions
Can’t work out if your product makes sense? Got a mindset hurdle that’s tripping you up? Unsure if you’ve got one too many emails in your launch sequence? Great! You ask the questions, and I’ll provide the answers.

• Two 1:1 coaching calls with Rebecca 
One to kick start your program and another mid-way through so you can get individualised support. 

Strategic Mentoring:

What's included:

This program is all about giving you the tools, support, and accountability you need to launch your personal brand and products — not just the theory. So you’d better believe I’ve carved out time for head-down, bum-up type work. After all, you and I both want you to launch your product by the time we finish, right.

• 12 weeks of easy to follow, step by step action so you will actually complete and launch your digital product.

• 2 x implementation weeks where your entire focus is on getting things done.

• Life time access to content and future live classes so you can launch, refine, launch with me as often as you like! 

Online Course:


Join the hundreds of ambitious entrepreneurs who have built a sustainable brand and business with Rebecca.

scaling your business starts here

Rock your launch even if you don't have a fancy website or money to spend on ads!

Enrol your dream clients so you can get them results and change their lives.

​Launch successfully and seamlessly, even if you have never launched a day in your life.

Feel confident teaching, knowing that your program rocks so you can let go of the worry that your program isn't good enough.

Learn a launch method that requires limited online tech so you don't get bogged down and overwhelmed. 

Make back your investment while still in the course so you can let go of financial worry and be profitable within 12 weeks.

Build a signature product quickly so you can get it to market (and make you leads and money) without sacrificing your personal life.

With 90 days to launch, you will be able to:

Lauren - 40 & Extraordinary.

Every week I am growing in leaps and bounds professionally and personally. Rebecca has the power to change worlds. As a coach and mentor she is genuine and authentic, knowledgeable and generous. Rebecca will get you to where you want to be, and beyond.

"Every week I am growing in leaps & bounds professionally & personally". 

Rebekah - Urban Angels

"I'm so thankful I invested in working with Rebecca! I went from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted to creating a solid income! I am doing the kind of work that I have always dreamed of and i'm get more done, feel fulfilled, and every day getting closer to achieving my dreams."'

"I went from having no idea to creating a business i love!"

Michelle - Fiercely Fresh Life

Rebecca supported me to create a personal brand and coaching products that embraced my bulldog nature. She was able to identify the blocks that were holding me back and help me to overcome them. I am so glad I invested in myself, by hiring a coach that brought the best out in me.

"getting paid to do what i love & being the mom i want to be, is everything to me!"

Don't leave me behind!!!

Amplify Business Academy is the feel good framework for creating your dream business!

The last year has turned most network marketing businesses upside down! The old way of doing things is just not working like it used to.

You have an important message that the world needs to hear. Now is your time to be brave and take the stage.

You're avoiding your back office because it's depressing the fuck out of you! You didn't put all of that time and effort in for you business to just slowly disappear ...   

Keeping your kids in a good school, nourished with home cooked meals and in all the things is a luxury. Are you prepared to say good bye to all of that?

why you can no longer afford staying stuck

Let's do this!

Together we got this! We have your back for support, questions, and growing together. This isn't a one time course. You have lifetime access and support from this group!


Learn how to create a simple, soul fulfilling sales process that actually feels good, so your income can finally match your goals and the lifestyle you crave.


We'll get crystal clear on your magnetic message, your dream clients and your signature process so you can confidently connect with the clients of your dreams.


My mission is to help you create a profitable, sustainable business that celebrates you.

what amplify teaches you

How much does AMPLIFY cost?

Apply Now

best value

One payment of $1,995

Everything you will need to go live.

Personalised live group coaching

Step by step guides for everything.

Personalized live group coaching

for support as you learn

30+ online training videos

AMPLIFY pay in full

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get started for $500!

4 monthly payments of $500

Everything you will need to go live.

Personalised live group coaching

Step by step guides for everything.

PersonaliSed live group lessons

for support as you learn

30+ online training videos

AMPLIFY payment plan

This isn't some fluffy, feel-good training. I'm going to give you practical steps you can implement into your business asap!

You'll have step by step guides.

You know all those juicy questions you've been dying to ask? Our weekly Q&A is here for you.

Get help when you need it

I'll start on time and end on time, and be sure to bring you practical content the whole way through!

The weekly live training will be epic!

my promise to you, my friend ...

I believe in Amplify Business Academy wholeheartedly, therefore I am certain that if you do the work, you will get solid results you will be proud of. However, I understand there will be rare cases where this is not the case. I am happy to offer a 30 day money-back guarantee if you can show me that you have given this program a red hot crack! In order to qualify for a refund you must submit proof that you did the work in the course and it did not work for you. You must include your coursework with your request for a refund. 

your investment is fully backed by our satisfaction guarantee. 


Isn't it time to create a FUn  business that gives you fulfilment, freedom & Security.