How to build a business with kids and not feel guilty.

May 27, 2021

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business tips for mums building a business

This is one for all you #Supermums #Supermoms! I know the guilt of trying to build a business with children – it is real! And it is big! BUT the truth is this is our “stuff” and it only exists because we allow it. Why should you feel guilty because you are trying to create a better life for you and your family? Today I share with you easy tips to help you build your business with kids.

If you are working hard to build a real income in your business you will be on your phone, emailing, going off to see people, on countless zoom meetings – your little ones, and not so little ones – will notice and they will miss you. And you know what, that’s ok. It builds independence, strength of character and also a real world understanding of what it takes to be successful in this world. 

There are ways though that you can include your children and family in the process so they feel part of your venture and excited by what you are doing. 

1. Share with them your why and your goals
Set a family reward for your different milestone achievements. For example, get 5 more clients this month family gets a special Sunday pizza and game night. Get a new client – off to the movies you go. Smash a new income goal – did someone say Disneyland?. Get the whole family together and create a vision for what will be possible when your business is a success. If you’re a crafty lot, get out the scissors and glue and make a vision board for your goals and hang in a place where your whole family can be reminded of why you’re working as hard as you do. 

2. Create a visual chart so you and your family can see how you are going
This will also act as a huge accountability tool and help you to stay focused and on task. As i’m sure you know, kids also watch and learn far more that they listen and learn. Showing your kids how to set goals and create a plan to achieve them is a super powerful teaching tool and an important life skill that they will use forever.

3. Create precious moments for everyone in your family
As parents, we always tend to feel like we’re not giving enough, but kids know when you’re there and present. You have to create those moments and it doesn’t have to be 24/7. Make sure you also schedule in time for your partner. It doesn’t matter if it’s weekly or monthly, the important thing is you schedule it in and make sure you follow it through. By the way, special doesn’t have to be expensive. A simple picnic, walk in a national park or afternoon at the beach would work a treat.

4. Plan your hours out
It can be really helpful to schedule your work time – precisely. For example, I carve out 2 hours to work in the mornings and then I get an hour to have breakfast and talk with my son. When I’m with him, I leave my phone in my office — I want to focus on him 100%. Then I schedule my night times: Mon/Wed/Fri 7:15 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. is work time for me. The extra bonus with doing this is then expectations are set. Your partner knows exactly when you will be working and when you are not so you can make the most of your time together. 

5. Get your family involved where ever you can
Can they help you make sample packs, stick labels on bottles, organise shipping, help you pack your bag when you travel, organise your social media, write or draw messages for your team. 

Being an entrepreneur is awesome. Being a parent is also awesome. Being both is more than I could have ever dreamed. Hopefully, you feel that way, too. 

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