Scam. Dodgy. Pushy. Untrustworthy. Rude. Rip Off. Shady. Aggressive.

These are all words that I associate with network marketing  – or at least I did. Ironic, considering I am a doTERRA Wellness Advocate therefore part of a network marketing company!

The truth is i’ve been in the closet about this.

And it’s time I came out!

Don’t get me wrong proactively share the massive benefits and great experiences i’ve had with doTERRA essential oils and products but I don’t actively share that i’m a doTERRA representative.

Today I’m taking a stand, and publicly outing myself by sharing that
I’m a doTERRA Wellness Advocate.

So how did I get here ….

To be honest the road has been a long one! I was first introduced to doTERRA Essential Oils over 3 years ago. As some of you know, I’ve spent the majority of my life working with essential oils, so it was nothing unusual for a friend to share with me that she was selling doTERRA oils and invite me to check them out.

I could feel the quality of the oils when I held them in my hand, and the scent was simply divine. I was excited by the idea of treating myself to some new oils, but my bubble was very quickly burst when I was told that I needed to sign up and opt into a program to get them.

All I could think of was a dodgy experience I had with an Amway representative, many moons ago – we’ve all had them right!. {I apologise to all the genuine Amway people in the world!}

So I put the carefully chosen oils back on my friend’s table, my money in my purse and  left feeling pretty disappointed.

I kept buying Therapeutic grade oils from different suppliers and continued to enjoy the amazing benefits of using essential oils on a regular basis. But more and more, I kept hearing from my friends and colleagues how they were using doTERRA products, and how much they loved them and the business side of the offering. I was like REALLY ?!?!

My mind and body literally went into shut down mode. I’m embarrassed to say, I harshly judged my nearest and dearest, for being part of what I ignorantly assumed, was another shifty pyramid scheme.

I have done enough work on myself to know that when I’m triggered in this way it’s something for me to learn, uncover, address. With the upcoming release of my new book ‘You’re Not Alone: A Practical Guide for the Awakening Soul’ I was interested in partnering with a quality essential oil company, so I decided it was time for me to do the internal work. To dive in, and work out what my block was with exploring doTERRA.

I looked at all the reasons I thought doTERRA was a scam and not for me, and surprise, surprise, I discovered that nothing was factual. There wasn’t one piece of truth, in any of the stories I was telling myself, about the doTERRA business model or organisation.

So I surrendered.

I’m an all in kind of girl, so I went straight to the top and contacted one of the top leaders in the company – Hayley Hobson and I went all in and signed up with the Every Oil Sharing Kit.

With my hand on my heart I can say that I adore these essential oils!

I use them every single day – to clean my home {On Guard}, in meditation {Frankincense}, to sooth muscle aches and pains {Deep Blue}, to curb my tummy sensitivities {DigestZen}, liven up my water {lemon} and make me smile and smell great {elevation}!

I am comfortable openly sharing the oils with my loved ones because I know how good they are.

However, I am still pretty uncomfortable letting people know that I am a doTERRA Wellness Advocate therefore a Network Marketer!

With over 50 people now in my team I figure its about time that I come out of the closet and own it! 

I am a network marketer and I love it! I love the freedom, flexibility and security it gives me. I love that it enables me, to continue to do what I love. I love that I get to support an inspiring group of people who are committed to living a life that they truly love!

If you would like to know more about how I am making real money from representing doTERRA products without selling my soul connect with me and we can talk.

And if you’re like me  and feel like running a mile away from any network marketing scheme BUT are still interested in seeing what all the fuss with doTERRA is about feel free to get in touch too 🙂

With love,

Rebecca xo

P.S. Now i’ve outed myself I have no idea why I put myself through all that emotional torment! DOH!

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