How To Heal When You Are Hurting Rebecca Jacskon

How to Heal When You’re Hurting

We have all been hurt, disappointed, let down, had our hearts broken. It is natural to retreat, to go into lockdown, to shut down our hearts in an attempt to protect ourselves. We want to feel happy, to open our heart and let more light in, but we just can’t.

Unfortunately, it is easy to get stuck, to let our minds run wild with all the “I should have done this” “Why did this happen?” “If only I had done …” “Why me?”. You know that internal banter that keeps us feeling terrible and creates an immense sense of loss.

Too often, we become fixated on what we don’t want, and as a result, our hearts become blocked. I’m sure you’ve felt the effects of having a negative thought or nagging worry coming to you constantly throughout your day. These thoughts are like energetic roadblocks, and they can drain you of your vital energy and joy.

When our hearts are open, it is easier for us to be in touch with our needs and desires. We are more compassionate towards ourselves and are better friends, workers, lovers, and parents. We are better people.

So how can we open our hearts in order to let more joy and love in?

Here are 7 powerful yet practical ways to let more love in.

  1. Self Love.Being compassionate and loving to yourself will set you free. Find a quiet space to write yourself a heartfelt forgiveness letter. Don’t rush this process. Take your time, giving yourself the gift of being present to everything that comes up without judgment. Start with “I’m sorry,” and the rest will flow.


How To Heal When You Are Hurting Rebecca Jackson


  1. Practice gratitude daily. It really is the path to seeing the potentiality and good in any situation. It literally softens our hearts and allows love in.


  1. Increase your personal vibration with the use of crystals. There are many healing stones that you can choose to support this process, it really comes down to personal preference. A popular favourite is Rose Quartz. Well known for its ability to soften the hurt and nurture the heart, it soothes your emotional wounds and fears. This pretty pink quartz crystal radiates love, peace and has a profound ability to help you to receive and send out unconditional love and compassion. Amethyst is also a crowd pleaser because of its ability Amethyst’s ability to help you to connect with your higher mind and refine thinking processes. Change is common during times of healing and Amethyst can help you to assimilate new ideas regarding what’s next, while also supporting you to put your thoughts into action, and bring projects to fruition. It is a talisman of focus and success.




  1. Learn to Shout! Take a deep breath and let out a really big expression of all the anger, frustration, resentment, and confusion that’s inside of you. Let it come from deep within your stomach, and let yourself roar.


  1. Support your physical system through the use of essential oils. These gifts from mother nature have an extraordinary ability to support your emotional system. Literally, one sniff of Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang or Melissa and your physical system will start to relax allowing more light and love to come in.


Let it go diffuser blend How to Heal When You are hurting Rebecca Jackson blog


  1. Let’s Dance. You can literally shake your body into a higher vibrational and better feeling space. So turn up your favourite song and embrace your inner dancing queen.




  1. Freshen Up Your Scenery. It’s very easy to get in a rut and start to associate your troubles with everything around you. A quick fix is to change things up. It can be as simple as cleaning up your space, adding a bunch of fresh flowers to your living area, adding more light to a room, painting a wall, or buying some decorations. When you freshen up your external world, it will allow more light to come into your internal one.


Rebecca Jackson is a purpose-driven entrepreneur, empowerment coach, international speaker and author of You’re Not Alone: A Practical Guide for The Awakening Soul. Over the years, she has guided thousands of people, to connect with their true self and become the person they most want to be. To find out more visit


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