How To Create A Lead Magnet That Works!

May 31, 2021

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How to create a good lead magnet
A great lead magnet will attract your ideal customer.

You know you need one, but you have no idea how to create a Lead Magnet that actually works. A Lead Magnet that your ideal customer is excited to give over their email for and helps move them along the purchase decision path.

The good news is if you follow these simple best practices you will create a STRATEGIC lead magnet that attracts your ideal customer and gets them primed to take you up on your paid offer.

The goal is to attract dreamy clients you love to work with and are happy to pay you. Your goal is NOT to fill your email list with people who are not your perfect match.


Top 5 Best Practices to Create a Lead Magnet That Works

    Your Lead Magnet should not be for everybody. The goal of this marketing tool is to attract dreamy clients you love to work with and are happy to pay you. Your goal is NOT to fill your email list with people who are not your perfect match.

    It’s important that you also deliver valuable content specific to where your ideal customer is in their journey. Are they aware they have a problem, but don’t know how to fix it? Or do you need to educate them that they have a problem?

    For example, I wrote this BLOG post specifically to support women entrepreneurs working in the health and wellness space who are wanting to build their business online. This blog provides awesome information and tips on how to create a STRATEGIC Lead Magnet that delivers the right audience to your sales funnel.

    Stuck on what your Lead Magnet should be? Don’t worry I got you covered with this value packed download.
    A great Lead Magnet will be concise and to the point. Think instant gratification for your new email subscriber. You want to inspire them into action so they can get a quick win. When you deliver this for them they will get the feel good vibes, which builds the all important know, like and trust and they will be more likely to return to your website or social media channels for more. Some examples of quick-win lead magnets include templates, checklists, swipe files. The best part is these types of assets are super simple to create and share. 

    The big difference between a HOT lead magnet and a total flop, is in the value it delivers. You must deliver VALUE THAT YOUR AUDIENCE WANTS so that it can provide a transformation for them. Every piece of your content should bring your audience from point A (their current state) to point B (the desired state).

    It’s essential that your lead magnet provide a transformation, no matter how tiny. 

    You need to make sure that your Lead Magnet connects with your other offers – paid and free content. When you are creating every asset ask yourself, what’s the purpose of this content? Are you trying to nurture a new prospect? Are you creating further awareness with your established audience so you can introduce them to a new paid offering?

    It’s best to have a specific marketing plan with different content offers and lead magnets for each individual product or service you offer. This will help you to attract your ideal client and improve your ability to sell to them.

    Your lead magnet should establish yourself as an authority in your space but not be all about you. The easiest way to do this is to deliver a ton of value. One of the easiest ways to convert your audience into paying customers is to provide them with something that gives them a desired result. You want your audience to know that if your “free” stuff gets results, your paid programs, services or products must be the real deal. 

Ready To Create A High-Converting Lead Magnet

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My goal is to help you to create a profitable and sustainable business that works for you – not the other way around!

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