A Love Letter to all The Brave Hearts ….

To all the Brave Hearts, Light workers, Sensitive Souls … 

I know that things haven’t been easy and you are probably tired of hearing that this is just a moment in time. That you will be alright. That things will be alright.

I know that many of you have felt like finally there has been some relief and things are easing off …. Then bam! You were side swiped again!!! Something else happens, an incident, a feeling, a challenge and you are left emotionally battered and bruised and wondering when the **** is this all going to stop!

I know how you feel. We know how you feel. Literally thousands of sensitive souls, all around the globe are feeling the intensity of all the opportunities. The opportunity to explore the fullness of our selves.To take an in depth look at the potent combination of our own light and dark.

The truth is, as long as our souls have the ability to expand, we will be called to step up. Now more than any time before, these waves of expansion are being offered more frequently and are stronger, creating space in our inner world for more light. This space acts like a magnifying glass that illuminates the subtle layers of our core beliefs. It exposes all of our fears and amplifies our destructive beliefs so that we can continue to grow.

Some days, it takes a mighty brave heart to surrender to the unknown—to continue to trust in the knowing that there is a bigger picture and that you are loved, supported, and safe. In these times of darkness, when you feel alone, connect to the light.

When you bring more light into your field, you will remember that you are not alone, and you will feel it.

You will restore your true divine nature and feel the radiant spaciousness and beauty within.

Light and unconditional pure higher love will show you your way home.

If you are struggling to connect in this way, to release the pressure, to bring in more light please feel free to reach out. You are not alone. There is support for you. You are loved. You are understood. We get you xx

With love,

Rebecca XO

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