It’s time to quit saying you don’t care about the money! Money MATTERS.

May 13, 2021

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Hello beautiful, I hope you are reading this with a nice cuppa in your hand and a smile on your dial. Today I am diving into a topic that is close to my heart – money! In fact financial health is actually a more accurate description, because money matters.

You see, i’m so tired of listening to people tell me that they don’t care about the money. Really??? So why the heck are you in business then!

Unfortunately, I hear it all the time from business woman and even more so from successful network marketing leaders.

“Well I’m not in this for the money”.

“This isn’t about the money for me, i just really want to help people”

Say what? …. Why would you say you don’t care about the money?

Honestly it just makes me want to scream. Money absolutely matters!!! To me it’s like saying you don’t care about your health.  Think about that for a minute ….. if you heard one of the people you admire share in a post or in a one on one chat “Hey, I don’t care about my health.” What would you think?

You’d be shocked right? You’d probably even be like, what the hell!!! and ask but WHY don’t you care about your health. But for some reason we get all awkward and never want to talk about money or financial health or feel ok talking about wanting to create wild abundance for ourselves and our families.

Yes, you care about the money and you need to care about the money, because you’re a business owner and you’re trying to run a business. 

Making money is the goal of any business.

The money matters. 

You need to care for it. 

You need to care about it. 

And if you’re running a business, you need to be in it for the money. To be clear if you’re not, then you do not have a business. You have an expensive hobby at best.

Unfortunately for many in the network marketing space I think it’s even gone a step further. For many big hearted network marketing babes they have actually moved into the space of running a charity! Yes a charity – they are giving, giving, giving with very little in return. {sorry ladies, i know for many of you this is going to sting xo}

A business is about creating revenue and profit. 

Now let me get clear with you, caring about the money doesn’t mean that money matters more than people. 

So, I want to give everyone permission to care about the money.

To care enough to make your focus about making a profit, and to not make that mean that you don’t care about people or that you care about money more than you care about people, because that’s not the case. 

That’s not the case for me. 

That’s not the case with most of the people that I discuss business with.

Service first always. But you can’t serve anyone if you are broke!

Caring about money

Ahhh, yes it matters!

Can you feel it? 

With love,
Rebecca xo

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