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#1 Untold Secret You Need To Know Before You Start a Network Marketing Business

May 27, 2021

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The untold network marketing secret
The untold network marketing secret

Hello friend, it’s great to have you here. So the word on the street is you are thinking about starting a home based business and are checking out different network marketing or direct sales companies.

If you:

  • are like 90% of woman, you might be thinking you will simply start as a customer and see what happens or
  • are on a mission and know that you want to build a business welcome.

You are in the right place.

Today I am going to share with you the #1 untold secret everyone needs to know before they join a network marketing or direct sales business … are you ready for it?

Rebecca Jackson

The person you buy your products from (in the biz we refer to them as your enroller) matters! 

Really, really matters! 

In fact it’s the most important decision you will make during your network marketing journey.  

As a doTERRA Diamond leader and an active educator in this space the #1complaint I hear is … I didn’t get any support … My person has going MIA …. I enrolled with my neighbour, friend, cousin (you get the idea) and they don’t do the business so I never received any … product support, training, access to resources etc

But I just want to be a customer

You might be thinking, i’m only planning to use the products for my own personal use does this really matter to me – heck yeah! Think of your enroller as your fairy godmother.

When you become her customer her job is to help:

  • You to confidently and safely use your products
  • Guide you towards resources so you can establish your own protocols based on trusted sources
  • Save you time and money by showing you how to shop smartly

PLUS if you are anything like 90% of our business builders once you start using your network marketing products you are going to fall madly in love with them, wonder how you ever did without them and naturally start sharing them and before you know it BOOM! You have a side business. 

If you are currently exploring the idea of giving the business a go, then this can be the difference between success and failure for you.

A crucial step to success in any network marketing business is finding the right person to work with. It is your enroller’s job to train, teach, and guide you in the right direction so you can create the business and lifestyle you crave and the results you’ve always wanted!

Think of your enroller as your business partner who will also be your coach, a mentor, a boss, and a friend. 


By the way, i’m not saying that you will be a failure if you have a not-so-great enroller, but the right enroller makes all the difference in so many ways.

I know, I’ve been without support and having support is better. That’s the exact reason why I created Ora Leaders and put in place duplicatable systems that teach what’s required to be successful and a mentoring program that runs alongside side it so no one in our team is doing it on their own!

How To Find The perfect Enroller For You?

Your Enroller will be your go to guide, business coach and an invaluable resource to help you learn about the company’s products and support you to launch, build and scale your business. 

So how do you choose a reliable enroller aka business partner that’s right for you?

What do you look for in the person with whom you’ll invest time, effort and money?

To set yourself up for success you must look at the people behind the business opportunity to know their heart and mind and include that in your decision. The most important part of a business partnership is knowing the people you are working with… trusting the people you are working with… building with the people you are working with.

9 Tips For Choosing an Enroller aka Network Marketing Business Partner

– who will guide your business down the road to success

  1. Zero In On Your Own Needs

What do you need to be successful? Are you after expert knowledge in a specific area? Accountability? Marketing support? Help with putting yourself out there? Confidence?  

Most network marketing leaders specialise in a wide range of topics: fitness, beauty, lox tox living, mums and bubs, spirituality, for example. Carefully consider what area you are most likely to focus on and find a leader who best suits your needs.

2. Do They Have Street Cred

Don’t be blasé about this! You want to make sure that the person you are considering partnering with has created some level of success within your chosen company. If they are new, make sure that they have a close relationship with an upline who does and you will have access to them.

Take note of their product, industry and business knowledge. By selecting someone who has experience in the area you are interested in will also give you more assurance that they will be able to specifically help you. For example, if you are interested in building your business completely online make sure the enroller and the team you are considering have expertise in this area. After all, part of what you’re paying for is the ability to pick their brains and learn from them. 

3. Choose a leader who has both business skills & coaching skills
 is all about getting unstuck, taking action, living to your potential, and managing your time. Business Coaching is about brainstorming and getting advice so you can create a solid business and marketing model, and implement a powerful action plan. As a small business owner it is important to have marketing skills, business strategy and planning skills, and good time management. If you need help in any specific business skill, make sure your network marketing coach is an expert in that area, so that he or she can not only coach you, but can advise and teach you as well. To be really successful in this business you’ll want someone with both skill sets.

4. Chemistry & Mindset Connect 

Personalities don’t always click. You may discover that the Double Diamond you thought would be a perfect fit is difficult to work with, or doesn’t fully understand your perspective. Your enroller should be someone who earns your trust and confidence, not forces you into building your business a certain way or into following his or her advice.

This relationship is a long term investment and therefore the right enroller must click with you first, you must feel connected, inspired and empowered when you talk with them.

Good fit – chemistry check.

After your initial consultation:

  • Do you feel that it’s a good fit, personality-wise?
  • Do you feel positive after speaking with them, or dragged down?
  • If you are an energetic person and the other person is quiet (or vice versa), is that a good match?
  • Do you feel you can trust them and have a good rapport with him/her?
  • Do you enjoy their company? (You’re going to be spending a lot of time together, after all.)
  • Would you feel comfortable being coached by this person? sleeping in their spare room?
  • Do they show an ability to listen to you, respect you and demonstrate the ability to achieve results for you?

5. Do They Understand Leverage

Helping others is the only way you succeed. By building a team, having a group of business partners working WITH you, you compound your efforts. Instead of doing ALL the work yourself, you spread the work with others on your team. Everyone’s efforts are then multiplied. Team work makes the dream work! Make sure the person you’re signing up with is going to show you the way to duplicate your efforts through training, coaching and example. Do they truly understand the value of leverage? Do they have a duplicatable system that they will plug you into? Can they clearly articulate what this involves and give you a guided tour of what’s available?

6. Who Will You Work With

Will you work directly with your enroller in the business, or are there a team of people you will learn from? You want to know exactly who you’ll be working with so you don’t end up with a person whom you’ve never spoken to and/or who you don’t know their skills, knowledge and experience (or if it’s a good fit, personality-wise).

7. Availability

Some network marketing leaders are only available during certain days and times. Is s/he available to work with you when you want and as often as you think you need? What I have learned during the past 4 years of coaching doTERRA business owners is everyone is unique. There is no one size fits all solution, so make sure you have regular personal time with your enroller so you can dig deep into your business needs and together come up with unique solutions specifically for you.

8. Compare Working Styles & Strengths 

Every leader has different strengths and a different coaching style. Some are structured, while others prefer to go more with the flow. Some prefer to work in person, while others on the phone, Zoom or via e-mail? How long are the mentoring sessions available to you? Do they create learning outcomes and key milestones for you to evaluate your progress? And perhaps most importantly, how will they deliver feedback to you? Make sure their leadership style suits your needs.

9. Interview Multiple Candidates

To find a business partner right for you, you’ll want detailed answers to specific questions.

Interview at least 3 candidates thoroughly. This will increase your odds of finding the right match for you. This decision is as critical as selecting the right lawyer, financial advisor, life partner!. You DO NOT want to be want to rush this. Make sure you meet (online is fine) and evaluate the leader you’re considering partnering with.

Here’s some things to look for:

  • Are they organised?
  • Do they act in a professional manner?
  • Do they have a duplicatable program that you can plug straight into?
  • Can they help you get started quickly? 
  • Can they help you to streamline your processes? 
  • Are they able to help you to get set up within your time constraints and contribute to the overall success of your business?
  • Do they present a clear learning and launch plan?
  • Does the plan include milestone evaluation points?
  • Do you find the person personable and knowledgeable?
  • Is it crystal clear what your first 30, 60, 90 days will be like in their team? 
  • If you have staff that will be trained, do you think they will enjoy learning from this person?
  • Do you think you can trust them? 
  • Could you let your guard down enough to really open up and be honest with this person?
  • Does your gut tell you that this is the right fit or to keep looking?

At the end of the day you also should Go with your gut. Solid relationships are built on trust, safety, honesty, support, and quality feedback; the relationship that you form with your direct sales business partner, upline, business coach is no different.

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