How to open your heart when you are hurt

How To Open Your Heart When You Are Hurt

We have all been hurt, disappointed, let down. Most of us go into lockdown, we shut down our hearts in an attempt to protect ourselves and in the process we lose our innocence, our hope, our sense of wonderment. We want to open our heart and let more light in but we just can’t!

We stop feeling things in a “heartfelt way”.

We can easily get stuck as our mind and hearts become fixated on what we don’t want.

The heart becomes blocked when energy patterns get stuck in our minds. I’m sure you’ve felt the negative effects of having a nagging worry or thought coming to you constantly throughout your day. These thoughts are like energetic-roadblocks, and they can deplete you. A heart full of unfinished events and worries is something that we hold onto out of anxiety — and in turn, it holds onto us.

On the other hand, an open heart can illuminate the darkest of places, increase vitality, emotional balance and the ability to meet life with ease and grace. When our heart is open, we are in touch with our needs and desires. We are better friends, workers, lovers, parents. We are more compassionate to our ourselves and to others.

So how can we open our hearts in order to let more light and love in?

1. Consciously breathe into your heart space and let go of the old patterns, thoughts, feelings as they arise. Simply breathe in love and breathe out the fear.

2. Practice gratitude daily. It really is the path to seeing the potentiality and good any any situation. It literally softens our hearts and allows love in.

3. Be kind to yourself first and practice self love – always! When we do this we can see that the stories we tell ourselves are not true and we can allow ourselves to exist in a different, more open, heart centered space.

4. Increase your energetic vibration with the use of crystals. There are many healing stones that you can choose to support this process, it really comes down to personal preference. My favourite is Rose Quartz. Well known for it’s ability to soften the hurt and nurture the heart, it soothes your emotional wounds and fears. This pretty pink quartz crystal radiates love, peace and has a profound ability to help you to receive and send out unconditional love and compassion.

5. Support your physical system through the use of essential oils. These gifts from mother nature have an extraordinary ability to support your emotional system. Literally one sniff of Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang or Melissa and your physical system will start to relax allowing more light and love to come in.

I would love to hear from you, in the comments below let me know how does it feel to open your heart. Also share any tips you have for opening your heart when you feel hurt.

Sending you love,

Rebecca xo


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