If you are ready to embrace your awesomeness, learn how to shift your thinking and structure your business for success so you can receive multiple streams of incomes, create a greater impact, and take home more money. You are in exactly the right place!

your  own terms?

Ambitious woman who are ready to get paid what they are worth by building a strong business foundation they are in total control of.

Have got their eyes on the prize and ready to build or scale a powerful online business.

Creating an online presence to attract dreamy clients so they can get their businesses off the ground working with people they love being with.

My Clients Are:


"I know what I want to do ... at least I think I do, but it's not coming together the way I thought it would.    I have no idea what I actually need to do to get the results I want."

"I'm tired of feeling judged and not being taken seriously by my friends and family.
I want to feel proud and confident about what I've created and show people that this is not just a "project" it's a real business."

"I love being a mum, but I want more ... for me and my family
    .... I'm just not sure how to do both without feeling like i'm a frickin mess all the time."

 "I'm sick and tired of watching LESS QUALIFIED PEOPLE make money off of stuff that I know inside out ... because I don't know how to package it up and sell it.

"I don't want to quit but I have no idea how to get myself out of this mess.    My direct sales business has halved in the past 12 months and I am in total overwhelm trying to work out what to do about it."  


So many of my clients have felt this way, and if you do too, I want you to know:

You're NOT a failure, fraudster or just a mama with a project!

You're a BRILLIANT WOMAN with the ability to change lives and make a bucket load of money while doing it.

AND You Don't Have To Figure It Out On Your Own ...

Get the support you need from someone who is QUALIFIED & EXPERIENCED and understands where you're at.

Learn how to HARNESS your skills, experiences and passions so you can create a powerful offering that serves others.

Discover easy ways to boost your online presence and create a brand that people know, like and trust and BUY FROM!

Go from stressed out, anxious and procrastinating to energised and TAKING ACTION that actually moves you forward and is fun.

Get help to create a realistic and actionable strategy based on YOUR NEEDS with easy to follow actionable implementation steps.

Create a SUSTAINABLE, PROFITABLE ONLINE BUSINESS by attracting the right people to your value packed offers. 

Design your business your way! A business that works for you not the other way around. A business that is 100% ALIGNED to your personal values and vision. 

Together We

Got This!

This is exactly what I need!

Rebekah Fisher - Urban Angels

Within 3 months of working with Rebecca I launched my first mini $27 offer, booked my first coaching intensive client at $1,000 created and launched my signature product - which i've already sold to 4 people ! In a million years I would never have dreamed that all of this was possible for me, but Rebecca makes it so easy with actionable steps that even those of us who are not techie or feel comfortable selling can follow. "

What customers are saying:

signature  program

My signature program will take you from feeling overwhelmed and stuck in your business because you don't know where to start, to releasing your first successful product, so that you can make more money, help more people and have the freedom to live the lifestyle you crave.       

Tell me more!

Become a Partner

Surround yourself with savvy, multi passionate boss babes!. Ora Leaders has been created specifically for entrepreneurs who see the value of diversifying their income by integrating products that enhance their customers experience into their offerings.  

Sounds like fun!


For those of you looking for super charged business shifts, personalised one on one time working with me one on one could be for you. This coaching option is for the woman who’s serious about making success happen for herself right now!. 

This is for me!

Ways to Work Together

Im in! 

Let's do this! 

30 Days coaching intensive

• 30 business days of coaching (6 weeks in real time)
• 4 - 1 hour weekly Zoom calls
• Daily checkins (optional)
• 6 weeks WhatsApp support.
• Workbooks & resources as needed to help you solve problems and create momentum
• Checkin - ins & feedback Mon - Friday.

This VIP option is for you if you are serious about making success happen NOW.

This is for you if you know what I’m all about, and want me running your business by your side for 30 days.

I'm here to help you smash through those fears and grab those big goals by the horns by helping you to create an ACTUAL plan to get what you want.

Investment: $3,000


• 2 hour zoom call
• Pre call questionnaire so our time is focused on plugging the holes & identifying the best way forward
• One week WhatsApp support


This is where you get an expert eye on your entire business, from foundation to ceiling and everything in between.

Your goals? You’ll know how to achieve them — and you’ll have the guidance to get there, fast.

This is best if you have a specific area in your business that you know you need help in, to move the needle right now!  

Investment: $1,000


For those of you looking for super charged business shifts, personalised time working with me one on one could be for you. This coaching option is for the woman who is determined to succeed and is serious about making success happen for herself right now!. 

 You can do this in two very different ways: One off Consulting & 30 days Intensive Coaching.


One on One

Personalised Sevrices

This private community & membership portal helps ambitious network marketers to have the confidence and the tools to create a consistent income, financial freedom plus a fun business that celebrates their personality and talents.

I've strategically set up our monthly calls and teachings to help you learn and get the business actions done!

Every month you receive:
• A Masterclass that will help you GROW your business.
• A 5 day interactive Get It Done challenge to bring the months teachings to life.
• Monthly Hot Seat Call
• 2 x Coffee, Cocktails and Chats
• Swipe files to save you a heap of time


Get the details

Women made for more Community

Amplify Business

In this world class program, I help network marketing professionals grow their personal brand, attract consistent sales for their network marketing businesses, and blow up their bank accounts with signature products their audience love!.

• CREATE A PROFITABLE & SCALEABLE BUSINESS that pays you for being you. 

• EFFORTLESSLY ATTRACT YOUR DREAM CLIENTS you know the ones you actually love working with and can afford to pay you.

• CONFIDENTLY SHARE YOUR MESSAGE and effortlessly step into your next level of leadership 

• GET THE CONFIDENCE & KNOW-HOW ... to focus on the things that actually matter


I want in!

Lauren - 40 & Extraordinary.

Rebekah - Urban Angels

"Every week I am growing in leaps and bounds professionally and personally. Rebecca has the power to change worlds. As a coach and mentor she is genuine and authentic, knowledgeable and generous. If you are thinking about working with Rebecca, just do it! Your future self will be so grateful you did!

"Rebecca has the power to change worlds. She will get you to where you want to be, and beyond. "

"I'm so thankful I invested in working with Rebecca! I went from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted to creating a solid income! I am doing the kind of work that I have always dreamed of and i'm get more done, feel fulfilled, and every day getting closer to achieving my dreams."'

"I went from having no idea of where to start, to creating a business i love!"

Gail - Gail Watene

Rebecca is a "intuitive strategist" with immense business experience. She really knows how to get the best out of people and helped me to see how I can be a an authentic leader who uses my strengths to get the outcomes I need to build a profitable business.

"I was doubtful this would work for me, but wow i was wrong. you need this!"